Stuart's winemaking philosophy is to limit all techniques to what he calls "basic principals", where only fundamental, time-honoured methods are used to make his wine. He embraces natural acidity, wild yeasts and his wines are stabilised naturally. 
He does not use fining agents, rather utilising all the natural characters of each variety to create unique character and interest. Many of his wines are unfiltered and many have only minimal amounts of sulphur added and nothing else.

He believes that the best wines are the purest wines; wines which reveal qualities of the grapes they were produced from. In 2017 Stuart begun farming his own vineyard. An important step for a producer who is always focused on quality and technique. He believes in creating a healthy ecology below and above ground; where he has never used herbicides and he practices some organic and sustainable techniques in his farming.

Stuart has a passion for the wines of the Rhone Valley and has dedicated his entire brand to those particular varieties that are best known there. He feels the Yarra Valley has great potential for Rhone Valley varieties in the future and he is working towards putting this belief into relaity.

It is only natural that the drive of Alkimi is to produce wines which pay homage to the old philosophy of winemaking, where tradition melds with the annual delivery of a vintage held in the hands of nature, artistry and sometimes synchronicity.